The Most Incredible Poker Feat Of 2020

A poker enterprise bordering on the unbelievable: there are no other words to describe what Daniel Smyth has managed to achieve.

On the international PartyPoker platform , where the WPT World Online Championships is underway , the Irish player qualified for the $ 3,200 KO Championship by winning a $ 33 buy-in satellite .

The tournament was one of the most participatory of this online series on the WPT, so that eventually the guaranteed prize money of three million dollars has been exceeded by $ 105,000 through 1,035 entries.

Well, after qualifying with a satellite, the Irish player, who boasts a live score of just over € 40,000, won the tournament !

The Boundaries Of The Company

Of course, this isn’t the first time a satellite qualified player has won a really big tournament.

Many examples could be done without bothering Chris Moneymaker . The difference is in the field in which Smyth managed to prevail .

At the Final Table, for example, there were some of the world ‘s highest-rated professionals of the two cards, starting with the 2013 Main Event winner Ryan Riess, who raised the white flag in seventh place .

Next out was High Roller live circuit regular Artur Martirosian . But the scope of Smyth’s enterprise is better defined by explaining that in the final head-to-head the Irishman had to deal with Manig Loeser , a leading exponent of the terrible German school with over eleven million won in live tournaments.

With no awe whatsoever, after numerous comings and goings of chips, Smyth wins a coinflip that hands him the chiplead . In the final hand the Irishman called with K-9 all-in for 15bb from Loeser who turned 7-8. The smooth board gives him the triumph.

Taking a tennis parallel , it would be as if an amateur were to win a game against a player who occupies the top positions of the ATP rankings . Not bad at all, right?

In particular considering the final prize won by Smyth thanks to an initial investment of just $ 33 : the first place in the tournament in fact earned the Irishman the beauty of $ 413,000 between payouts and opposing sizes . Here is the final ranking of the tournament:

Daniel Smyth – $ 208,803.83 + $ 204,588.92 in sizes

Manig Loeser – $ 208,492.98 + $ 70,866.22 in sizes

Joao Maureli – $ 142,061.51 + $ 32,449.23 in sizes

Pim Gieles – $ 95,502.03 + $ 23,478.51 in sizes

Pedro Marques – $ 66,687.63 + $ 22,382.80 in sizes

Artur Martirosian – $ 47,281.38 + $ 16,593.75 in sizes

Ryan Riess – $ 29,699.32 + $ 18,562.50 in sizes

Shyngis Satubayev – $ 23,504.85 + $ 750 in bounties

Matheus Luiz – $ 19,483.87 + $ 13,242.18 in sizes

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